Let’s talk about the bond you and your dog have. How strong is that bond? You want to be your dog’s world. Without a strong bond any type of training is going to be difficult.

The 3 D’s

Trainer Thought/Tip Thursday: I want to talk about the 3 D’s in dog training. They are duration, distance and distraction. Duration is the amount of time a behavior is done. Obviously your dog is not […]

be prepared

Trainer Thought/Tip Thursday: Always carry extra baggies on your walk đź’©


If your dog needs a job, it’s not as complicated as you think. A backpack gives your dog a feeling of usefulness.

Fear and anxiety

Fear is defined as instinctual feeling resulting from a person, situation or object presenting an external threat. The threat could be real or perceived. Your dog may show signs of fear by trembling, talking his […]

Aggressive vs. Reactive

Aggression and reactivity  You’re walking your dog down the street and across the street and you see another dog walking and it’s barking, lunging and maybe even growling. What is the first thing that comes […]

Separation anxiety

Does your dog start acting strange when you’re getting ready to leave? Is your dog exhibiting destructive behaviors such as chewing or digging at your doors? Does he pace, bark or howl excessively? Or soil […]

common pitfall

Trainer’s Thought/Tip Thursday. A common pitfall for American dog owners is to give a great deal of affection with very little exercise and even less discipline.


Trainer Thought/Tip Thursday: Fun is a super important part of training.

anytime is good

Trainer Thought/Tip Thursday: Anytime is a good for time training.