goes both ways

Trainer Thought/Tip Thursday. Teaching and learning goes both ways.

working breeds

Trainer Thought/Tip Thursday: Today I want to talk about working breeds. More so I want to discuss how you’re working breeds need mental stimulation, physical stimulation and a job. As a trainer I work with […]

foundation training

Trainer Thought/Tip Thursday: No matter what age you start training your dog, foundation training provides the basis for any activity, behavior or job you want your dog to do. Training provides dogs with the basic […]

keep up with training

Trainer Thought/Tip Thursday: Have you ever wondered why our motto is “Training is for Life”? Ever wondered what was meant by that. Well I’m going to explain. I’m sure you all know someone who took […]


Trainer Thought/Tip Thursday: I hear plenty of times that an owner’s dog doesn’t come when called. A strong recall command has many benefits, but we can talk about that another time. Here is a tip […]

training is for life

Trainer’s Thought/Tip Thursday: Even learned behaviors may fade or become sloppy without the reinforcement of occasional praise and correction. That is why I always say training is for life.

mental stimulation

Trainer Thought/Tip Thursday: What I wanna talk about today is mental stimulation. And how important it is to your dogs state of mind Sometimes, we have a busy day, a bad day, the roads are […]

potty training

Trainer Thought/Tip Thursday: Springtime means warmer weather, longer days and puppies! This chart can be used as a guideline when potty training a puppy.

catch the good

Trainer Thought/Tip Thursday: Catch your dog being good. It’s easy to get caught up in scolding when your puppy is getting into trouble, but rewarding him out of the blue for being good lets him […]

be consistent

Trainer Thought/Tip Thursday: Be Consistent! Whenever you’re training your dog, it’s important to get as many family members involved as possible so everyone’s on the same page. If you are telling your dog “off” when […]