Fear is defined as instinctual feeling resulting from a person, situation or object presenting an external threat. The threat could be real or perceived. Your dog may show signs of fear by trembling, talking his tail, hiding, withdrawn, withdrawn, reduced activity or exhibiting escape type behaviors. The fear response is to either freeze, fight or flight. Once you identify what is causing the fear response, you can begin to address the issue and help your dog overcome his fear.

Anxiety is defined as the anticipation of future dangers from unknown or imagined origins that result in normal body reactions. Most visible behaviors are elimination, destruction, excessive vocalization. Some dogs will even cause self-inflicted lesions from licking or biting at themselves. Separation anxiety is the most common type of anxiety. To learn more about separation anxiety please read our post.

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  1. […] a sign of distress. Better known as separation anxiety. To learn more about anxiety please read the Fear and Anxiety post. Many factors can trigger separation anxiety such as: changing ownership, routine changes, […]



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