We offer basic obedience, trick training, CGC training and evaluation, service dog training, and some behavior modification like aggression. We train all breeds and ages. Multiple dog discounts are available. There will be a one time travel fee if you are over an hour away from location. Training is for life and I’m here to help.

  1. All sessions are 60 mins long.
  2. All sessions are private one on one so you and your dog both get the time and attention you both deserve.
  3. All sessions are done at your home or on location of the issue. Examples would be at the dog park or on a walk.

3 sessions $300

5 sessions $500

8 sessions $800

Grooming Prices

We offer basic grooming services to help keep your pup clean and feeling good. These services can be done in your home.

Nail Trims $20

Ear cleaning and paw pad treatment $20

Deshed – $20 – $65 Prices vary based on the size of the dog

Dog Walking

Having trouble finding time to walk your pup, let me know. I offer 2 different types of walks to suite your needs. Both the standard walk and training walk both come with lots of one on one affection!

30 minute standard sniff the grass walk – $25

45 minute structure walk that includes some basic obedience training $50

Drop In Home Visits

Did you just get a new puppy and can’t stand the thought of the puppy not being able to go outside and potty while you are working all day. Maybe you want to add an extra meal during the day while they are growing. Or do you have an older dog who can’t hold their bladder all day. Maybe you have a dog that needs an afternoon medication. I offer in home visits to help you with these situations. These are 30-60 minute visits depending on what you and your puppy/dog’s needs are.

30 minute visit $20

60 minute visit $40

Please use the contact form on the contact page if you have any further questions.