Trainer Thought/Tip Thursday: I want to talk about the 3 D’s in dog training. They are duration, distance and distraction.

Duration is the amount of time a behavior is done. Obviously your dog is not going to automatically go into a down stay and stay there for 5 or more minutes. You have to build up to the longer durations of time.

Distance is the distance between you and your dog. Again start small and work your way up. Have your dog do basic commands from a distance to add to the fun.

Distraction is everywhere. Working under different distractions and scenarios helps to change your dogs understanding. Introduce distractions very slowly. Remember where you train is important. Change it up. Don’t do all your training in the same place. Take your dog to the local hardware store and work on basics there. Go out for ice cream and train there. Have fun and your dog will thank you.

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