Trainer Thought/Tip Thursday: Today I want to talk about working breeds. More so I want to discuss how you’re working breeds need mental stimulation, physical stimulation and a job. As a trainer I work with all types of breeds. I tend to find that I come out to meet a working breed dog that has some behavioral issues only to find out the dog is not getting the stimulation and/or the job to keep them busy. When you get one of these breeds you have to understand these dogs were bred to work. They need a job. They need to be kept busy. Or they will get into trouble and have behavioral issues. Sally too many of these breeds end up in shelters and pounds because owners get them and then don’t understand what they got themselves into. Or understand the breed they have. These dog require very active lifestyles. They required hours of work and simulation. If you’re thinking about getting a working breed do your research. If you find yourself after doing the research questioning if this breed is right for you, more than likely it might not be. You might want to consider looking at other breeds. I’m not saying that there aren’t working breeds out there that are happy to be couch potatoes. The majority of them need to work though. If you do find yourself deciding that the breed is right for you and need training that’s what I’m here for. I’m also more than happy to make sure that the dog is getting the proper mental stimulation, physical stimulation and the job appropriate for them. Working breeds are a lot of fun to own. I can tell you that myself as ZeeNa is a working breed through and through. She requires mental stimulation, physical stimulation and a job. All of what she gets and tends to keep herself out of trouble. Hope everyone enjoys their Thursday evening.

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