Category: Tip Thursday

Love Them

Be sure to hug your dog and tell them you love them everyday.

Teach the children

Take the time to teach your children the proper way to greet a dog. Make sure the understand the importance of asking an owner for permission. Do they know what to do if a stray […]


There are 6 essential commands your dog should know. Sit, down, stay, leave it, drop it and come.


Everyone knows how much my main focus is training your dog. Well tonight I’m going to remind you to take care of yourself. Take care of your wellbeing as well as your dog’s wellbeing. Take […]

Control Your Dog

Let me start by saying I HATE retractable leashes. If you train with me and your dog is on one don’t be offened when I remove it and attach a standard leash. Keep control of […]

Don’t Dread It

Training your dog shouldn’t be punishing. If you find yourself dreading working with your dog you’re doing something wrong. Believe me I know there are times training can be insanely testing and no one wants […]

Stay Cool

The weather the next couple of days can be summed up in 1 word HOT! You need to make sure you are keeping an eye on all your pets, not just your dog. As little […]

Private vs. Group

I want to take a moment and explain why I offer one-on-one sessions versus a group setting. Have you ever actually went and watched any group training classes? Or have you ever attended a group […]


Dogs don’t outgrow their fears. Read and learn more fears.