Meet the Interns

We are a small team of talented women with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.


Intern with Pawsitie Results Training

Angel’s dream has been working with dogs, from being a humane officer or a Vet and in high school being a vet tech. During Angel’s sophomore year she was given the opportunity to attend a technical school the for the last 2 years of high school. She learned some medical terms, how to groom, along with other informational things. While going to school, Angel began to think about training dogs. She has always wanted to help animals in any way shape or form. It wasn’t until she got her first dog that training was really brought to her attention. Angel has a beautiful husky named Piper who is fearful and very shy with new people. While helping Piper, Angel really began to think more about entering into the dog training world. Angel would love to help dogs like Piper, while helping you understand that you aren’t alone.


Intern with Pawsitive Results Training

Dogs have always been a part of Jenna’s life, from beagles to dachshunds to now her labrador retrievers. While she was young they were household pets for her. In early middle school she was lucky enough to watch her sister build and grow her own breeding program. This meant that Jenna got to learn and is still learning how dogs grow, learn and develop over the years. Then after high school she entered into the world of competition dogs. Not like many thing either, Jenna did not compete for show breeds. Jenna competes for what dogs are bred to do. WORK! Whether it be dock diving, bird hunting, agility, barn hunt, fast cats and the list goes on. Jenna fell in love with the bond it built between hr and her dogs. She couldn’t do any of it without the time she puts into training though. Jenna wants to show and help others train their dogs, to have a bond between each other that is unbreakable.