Meet the Interns

We are a small team of talented women with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.


Intern with Pawsitive Results Training

Shania is not only the owner of Wiggle Butt Inn, but a certified groomer and soon to be certified canine conditioning coach. She has been in the dog world professionally for about 5 years now. Originally her career plans started in the world of art as a graphic designer. Although she does still use those skills here and there, dog are where her passion lives. During college Shania found herself a kennel technician position and fell in love with every aspect of the dog world and she pushed herself further to become a certified groomer. 2 years down the road and her love become a huge reality when she founded Wiggle Butt Inn located in Stow, Ohio, where she now boards and grooms dogs with a fantastic team. Having 3 dogs of her own with all completely different personalities and behaviors, she realized a huge thing missing from her life and that was training; personally and professionally. Shania needed to help her dogs and she needed to understand as much about behavior as she possibly could. Echo is her lab mix who has leash reactive tendencies, Metro, her pitty mix is a couch potato, and Cleo her standard poodle, is her nervous nelly. Training has given her a bond with each of the dogs individually. She now is looking forward to helping you reach that sense of understanding.


Intern with Pawsitie Results Training

Angel’s dream has been working with dogs, from being a humane officer or a Vet and in high school being a vet tech. During Angel’s sophomore year she was given the opportunity to attend a technical school the for the last 2 years of high school. She learned some medical terms, how to groom, along with other informational things. While going to school, Angel began to think about training dogs. She has always wanted to help animals in any way shape or form. It wasn’t until she got her first dog that training was really brought to her attention. Angel has a beautiful husky named Piper who is fearful and very shy with new people. While helping Piper, Angel really began to think more about entering into the dog training world. Angel would love to help dogs like Piper, while helping you understand that you aren’t alone.


Intern with Pawsitive Results Training

All of her life, starting from a little girl with her chocolate lab best friend, to a teenager with her mini dachshund, to now an adult with her 3 hilarious and active dogs, Ashley has always had a passion for training and enjoying activities with her dogs. It wasn’t until January of 2019, when Ashley found this freckle-faced Aussie posted online that her whole life changed. During the first few months of bringing Kya home, Ashley realized this was unlike any dog she had previously. Ashley never knew what training with a reactive dog would be like. They immediately jumped into training classes, private training and Ashley instantly fell in love with the training process and ultimately, the bond that forms from doing so. This journey has been unlike any other and has now led her down the path to become a dog trainer. Ashley is so thrilled to be able to start this journey and help those also form that special bond with their dogs.